Pei lab

Systems Immunology, Stem Cells & Regenerative Medicine

Welcome to Pei Lab!

Our previous research was focused on the development and application of novel lineage tracing technologies for understanding cell fate decision.By integrating developmental biology, immunology, systems biology and synthetic biology, we are developing multi-dimensional single-cell lineage tracing technologies, which aims to study cell fate regulation at genetic, epigenetic, transcriptional and spatial-temporal scales. Using novel single cell approaches, we will investigate the development and regeneration of the blood and immune system under physiological conditions and challenges such as cancer, viral infection and aging.
Our research centers around the following topics:
(1) establishing next-generation single-cell fate mapping tools
(2) resolving the fate of hematopoietic stem cells in health and aging
(3) optimizing the in vitro differentiation methods of immune cells for cellular therapy (e.g. CAR-NK)
(4) dissecting the response of immune cells (e.g. myeloid cells, T cells, B cells) upon cancer and infection